Painless Spinal Touch

Upright man In 1905 Dr Hurley Chiropractor, created the original Spinal Touch Treatment basing his technique on the criteria of body mechanics.


The human body is built in such a way that it will maintain health and vitality in earth's environment of constant gravity, even when subjected to an  unending variety of stresses. The body is self-repairing and is extremely adaptable to the many internal and external changes to which it is subjected.  This adaptability is achieved by having all parts and organs of the body situated so as to interact properly, not only with each other, but also with  gravity. When such a relationship is maintained a person is youthful, healthy and full of energy and vitality.


The body is often placed in a state of strain that causes loss of proper balance between parts of the body and gravity. Such imbalance or posture distortion usually indicates INTERNAL changes long before any body  functions become disturbed.It is no wonder that many of us suffer from aches, pains, headaches and a host of other  medical problems – "Old before our time". Truly, "Posture is more a determiner of age than years". In vain we admonish ourselves to stand up straight, fighting futilely the internal  changes which have caused our poor posture, not realising that proper posture may only be regained by reversing and correcting the internal strains afflicting us.


In order to understand distortion  we need to know the difference between stress and strain. STRESS: are the loads and pressures  placed upon the body beyond its normal limits for short periods from which the body can,  with rest, quickly return to  normal. This can lead to strength and growth. STRAIN: is pushing the body tissues  beyond their elastic limits suddenly or  gradually causing cellular and intra-cellular  changes, resulting in distortion in function and tone of muscles and organs. The body  cannot recover without  help. The muscles are unable to relax on their own, no matter how  long you were to lie in bed and rest. So many toxins are stored in them that true rest is   impossible. Toxins cause the gradual process of breakdown of body tissue, eventually  resulting in disease and possible death. Causes of strain could be  falls, blows,  infections, surgery, emotional upsets, etc. Internal strains such as crowding of the lungs and heart, sagging abdominal organs, back pressure and pain, aching legs, slumping and stiffness of shoulders can be relieved by  reversing bad posture. It must be remembered MUSCLES MOVE BONES…. and because of this, provided the spinal structure is sound, SPINAL TOUCH Treatment will bring more  lasting relief than many other forms of spinal adjustment.

P.S.T. restores mechanical balance using very gentle, specific touch points to allow the  muscles to gently pull your spine into its natural position and to re-align the body on its centre of gravity.

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